Should You Choreograph Your First Dance?

Choreographing your first dance can be a lot of fun, but it also changes the feel of the dance.  Some couples choose to put on a full dance show during the first dance at their wedding where as others choose to just throw in a couple of snazzy moves.  Here are some things to consider when decided if you should choreograph your wedding first dance.

  • The Moment - A choreographed dance may add a little extra stress or nerves for your and/or your partner.  Decide if this is going to be too much and possibly spoil the moment.
  • Fun vs Serious - Some couples choreograph something more fun and upbeat than a typical first dance.  This could be a great way to share a smile and enjoy your first moments as a married couple.  Other couples want that magical moment where they feel swept away and lost in each other’s arms as they sway to their own tune.
  • How Much - Deciding how much of your first dance should be choreographed is a very personal decision.  A few moves can add some fun and awe for you and the guests where as a full choreographed dance can be very entertaining. The biggest thing to think about when decided how much to choreograph is your comfort level with the style of dance and if you will be able to master it and enjoy it at the same time.
  • Your Attire – Remember to think about how easy it is to move in your dress or suit.  If your attire limits your range of motion, be mindful of this in your choreography.
  • Your Appearance – If your hair-do and make-up are fragile, you may not want to get too funky with your dance moves just yet.  This may depend on the timing of your first dance.  If you still have speeches, cake-cutting or other big picture moments coming up, you may want to keep the moves fairly slow to protect your look.

If you are looking for great song choices for choreographing a ballroom dance, check out our suggestions for ballroom first dance songs.

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