Our DJ Mispronounciation

patandheatherfirstdanceI had a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic.  We chose “Close Your Eyes” by Michael Buble as our first dance song.  The wedding party had just been introduced into the reception and we were waiting for the DJ to announce our first dance.  I was nervous and excited at the same time.  I was trying to look serious, yet still showing the immense happiness I was feeling.

The DJ was a local of the Dominican and spoke with an accent.  The DJ comes on the microphone and says “Now for the first dance of the wedding couple. They will be dancing to ‘Close Your Eyes’ by Michael…Booby”.

I was in shock that he just said “Booby” instead of “Buble”.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  I looked at my husband and said “He said booby!” and bent down in laughter.  After about a minute, I was able to regain control and start our first dance.  It was definitely a memorable moment.

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