How to Have a Ballroom Style First Dance

Your first dance can be as glamorous and formal as you want to make it, but consider what it will take to pull off an elegant ballroom style first dance. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect wedding moment.

  • Dance Lessons – Are you a born dancer or will you and your partner need to take dance lessons? Consider the skill level of both you and your spouse-to-be before selecting your first dance.  Dance lessons can cost anywhere from $5 (usually large group general lessons) to a couple of hundred dollars per session.
  • Style of Dance – If you are a beginner at ballroom dancing, we recommend going with the Foxtrot or the Waltz.  For intermediate dancers consider the Tango or Viennese Waltz.  Advanced dancers can choose any style and add more complicated steps.
  • Planning – Be sure to start your dance lessons or practice early in the planning stages for your wedding. You will want to enjoy the moment of your first dance on your wedding day.  The more you have practiced your first dance, the more comfortable you will be.  It is also smart to plan early if you are taking professional dance lessons since classes can fill up.
  • Music –  Selecting the right song for your ballroom dance is important.  Consider what you will need to choreograph and if the moves of the dance go with the beat of the song.  A ballroom dance can be done from any style of music with the right song from rock ‘n roll to ballads.

The most important part of planning your first dance is to remember to have fun.  Dance lessons and practice are a great activity for couples and on the day of your wedding you want to feel great as you wow your guests with your new moves.

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