5 Fun Ideas To Add To Your First Dance

Your wedding is a very special event that you will want to remember for a lifetime.  Consider adding something different or unique to your first dance to make it truly memorable and your own. Choreographing your wedding dance can certainly be a great option.  You can read our tips on choreographing your first dance here.  Other ideas to add something fun to your first dance include:

  1. Bubbles – Have your guests stand around and blow bubbles as you dance.  This creates beautiful pictures of your first dance and also keeps your guests very entertained during your dance.
  2. Confetti and/or Balloons - Have balloons or confetti drop down on your during your first dance. This is also another way to create some fun photos.  You can even surprise your spouse with planning this in advance.
  3. Slide Show – Have a slide show playing on a big screen with pictures of you and your loved ones. Include pictures of the guests and share great memories you as the wedding couple have had.
  4. Flash Mob - Surprise your spouse or your guests with a flash mob choreographed dance by your wedding party.  Start out your first dance as normal, but half way through the song your wedding party can start to join the dance floor.  Once everyone is up there, have the song change to something upbeat and a crowd pleaser.
  5. Instruments – Give your guests  some basic instruments to play and to participate in your first dance.  The triangle, a tambourine, a harmonica or even a bucket for a drum can be fun for guests to enjoy the song and dance along with you.

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